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About Aunty Saro

Born and raised in Nuzvid, South India, I learned to cook at a very early age. As the eldest daughter of five children, it was my duty to assist my mother in our busy kitchen. She taught me how to make wonderfully tasty dishes out of simple foods. By the time I was 11 I was cooking for the whole family. This was no easy chore given the lack of modern conveniences and a lot of hungry appetites.

My mother was a master cook. She had her own blend of spices that magically transformed almost any dish into a masterpiece. After I married, I had to learn even more special ways to cook in order to please my husband’s special tastes. Fortunately, his mother was also an excellent cook who was willing to share her secrets with me.

Now, sixty years later, I have my own blend of spices and sauces. I still love to cook and have catered large weddings and fund-raising dinners. I realize that not everyone has the time to spend the many hours that go into preparing my recipes. With this in mind and having received many requests from friends and customers, I developed an assortment of Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauces.

This is a unique blend of exotic spices handed down from many generations that will allow anyone who can cook rice to put together a gourmet meal in a hurry. I have attached some recipes and recommendations from people who have had the pleasure of sampling my curry sauce. One taste of Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauce will convince you to stock up on this delicious meal-in-a-jar!!

Our Clients Tell Us…

As a consultant of the McKinley Institute specializing in restaurant and food service, I am proud to recommend Sarojini Chedalawada’s Curry Mix. We have tested it in several recipes and found it to be both complimentary and delicious. – Doyal Mortimer, The McKinley Institute

It was great fun to cook such wonderful food with Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauce. The taste and flavors were just excellent, and the quick preparation was a real treat. – Dr. Bradley Harris, M.D. Seattle, WA.

Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauce is mouth wateringly delicious. This is the best curry I have ever tasted. It is fast, convenient and utterly delectable! What more could anyone ask of great food? Taste for yourself! – Dr. Nate Sutter, Seattle, WA.

Fine Dining in a jar! It is authentically delicious! The stuff is just plain good. I love it. – Barbara Smith, Orange, CA.

Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauce is a perfect blend of exotic spices, seasonings and ingredients. It is truly delicious, mouth watering and scintillating to the taste buds. It has found a permanent place on our dinner table and in our stomachs. – Andrew Wong, Yorba Linda, CA.

Since I lived in India for three years I have acquired a taste for good curry. Aunty Saro’s Curry Sauce is a quality home-based product that will have you coming for more. – Martin Ytreberg, Nampa. ID.